Hi and thanks for visiting Zakami!

Zakami Yarns is a small-batch hand-dyed yarn company based in the UK. We ship worldwide.

We are Melinda and Gergely the designer and dyers behind Zakami.
I learned to knit and crochet from my grandma and since then I always have something in my project bag.

Our dream is to open our alpaca farm. To achieve it me and my husband were travelling for years volunteering on several farms, visiting artists and learning most of the skills we need to fulfil our destiny. But we are just at the very beginning of our journey...

Now I am a full time mom and for me motherhood is full of happiness, cosy moments which boosts my creativity and inspire me every single day. When I am not spending time with our daughter I do knitting, crocheting or dyeing yarn.

I believe that wool/yarn is not just for crafting. It builds a community which brings people together, creates happy places on Earth.

I would love to encourage people to do care about their wardrobe, to love their clothes, to support tiny makers instead of fast fashion brands and if they feel inspired knit/crochet their own garments.

I hope you find something you love.

Wear nature and love your clothes.

I would love to see what you make with your purchases so if you’re on Instagram please tag #feedthebobbin or #zakamiyarn.

Sending hugs,

Melinda and Gergely